06 June 2011

parlez-vous français ?

this week has been busy, busy, busy, and i have been catching up on some much needed sleep so i ended up needing to take a little blogger break. well, i'm back! 
today i started working on french! here's the deal with me and french: i took french 1 freshman year of high school. my plan was to take up to french 4 but theatre and choir got in the way so i ended up not even taking french 2 until senior year. by that point, i had forgotten much of what i learned in french 1 and, as a result, didn't retain much of french 2 either. well, here i am, three years later. tisch doesn't have a language requirement so, unlike most college students, i haven't taken a single foreign language class. when i started contacting grad schools though, most required at least one year. so, next fall and spring i will be taking french, once again. i'm really excited to start. i want to get the basics down this summer so it won't be too challenging. also because the little one has been hearing french at home since he was born so the more he talks, the more baby french i hear. it would be very helpful for me to be able to understand what he is trying to tell me. all this to say, a couple years ago i found this learn french vintage record set and finally used it today. it came with a workbook and english-french dictionary that had never been used. the records have pronunciations and are quite helpful. hopefully the french isn't too outdated. 
one last thing: this week i have been helping my cousin rachel move and while we were taking a walk around her new neighborhood we ran across this. how cool is this townhouse? i'm not a huge fan of modern style architecture but the wood and brick seem to give it a warmer feel and i like it a lot. plus, those windows are fantastic.


  1. That record looks awesome! I wish I knew French.

  2. I would love to learn French! So, you can learn it and post a few phrases each week and I'll learn from you :)

  3. Oh, you clever lady! I learned French at school for seven years, but unfortunately it didn't make a lasting impression! I can pretty much remember how to ask if I could go to the toilet, but that's about it!