18 June 2011

a lovely rainy day

we had the best thunderstorms yesterday! yesterday morning was one of those rare times when i didn't mind being woken up before my alarm. it was so lovely being able to slowly wake up and hearing the storm outside. there is never enough time to snuggle in bed in the morning!  after class, i came back to the apartment and finished born standing up. now, i've always been i huge fan of steve martin. i was raised watching father of the bride on repeat. until i read his book, though, i did not realize just how intelligent of a performer he is. everything he says and does in his acts have been worked through to the very smallest details. i highly recommend his book. along with my reading i also took the most wonderful nap during the huge afternoon thunderstorm. there's really nothing more relaxing than a  listening to the rain beating against the window when you are warm and dry inside. so cozy! for dinner i made a grilled avocado and cheese sandwich while i skyped with my lovely cousin mackenzie (we skype an ungodly amount.) i finished the night off at the apartment of another one of my cousins, rachel. we have a girls night planned for this evening so that should be fun. i'm sure i'll have more to say about that later. also, the popsicles were wonderful. i can't wait to share them with you! for now i am going to escape the paint fumes that are currently overtaking the apartment. 

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