16 June 2011


i'm on a sort of staycation this weekend and could not be more thrilled. the little one and family are out of town for a few days and have asked me to take care of some things at their place. that means for a few days i have a/c, a kitchen to myself and quiet. i enjoy having roommates, but there is usually a lot going on so it will be nice to have a few quiet days to myself. as you can see, i have a few books and plenty of homework to occupy my time. i also plan on doing some cooking. i have a batch of popsicles in the freezer right now. more on them later...


  1. Seriously - I LOVE your blog title. Everything I come across it, it just makes me smile. :) Good job with that! Also, thank you for allowing me to learn a new word today. Staycation. It just sounds nice. I am going to use it right now with my hubby and see if he knows what I'm saying. Ha!

  2. I loved Born Standing Up. Steve Martin is a great writer! His fiction is excellent too. Check out An Object of Beauty if you haven't already read it.

  3. linh- aw thanks! and i am glad to share my stacation knowledge. it is a wonderful thing(:

    whitney- thanks for the suggestion! i will be adding that to my amazon cart right away!