24 August 2011

a creative space.

this is my creative space. this is also my desk where i do homework and use my computer and house most of my crafting and office supplies. as much as i manage to get done here, i never fully enjoy it because i'm usually trying to make sure i don't hit my computer or set me water on something important. i just feel so cramped. (you should have seen me fixing the binding on one of my big quilts earlier today.) you're probably thinking, "well, sarah, take get rid of some of the stuff on the desk. easy fix right there!" well here's the other problem. i am not a minimalist. one of my roommates, cathleen, has the tidiest room. it's very simple but it looks awesome and is very much her style. my room, on the other hand, contains pretty much everything i own. when my parents moved to tennessee i was already in new york, so i ended up bringing most everything up here with me. i'm just not the kind of person who can keep things simple. i adore my room and it feels like home, but i definitiely daydream of a different space to work on projects.

i would love something like this:
yes, i'm dreaming big.
i could work with something smaller though.
this is a lovely corner space (minus a desk):
or something like this would be lovely too:
thinking realistically, for at least a few years, i will have to make something like this work:
that's not too bad, right? i mean, look at all that natural light!
but for today i am stuck with my comically cramped desk and a 3ft square of floor space.

what would you do with a little more room? 

one. two. three. four.

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  1. i love your little space! i've been trying to think of ways to spruce up my desk, i have to somehow fit a computer and a sewing machine on my tiny thing also... someday we'll have craft rooms all to ourselves! someday!