20 September 2011

delightfully tacky: home sweet brave

i am so excited to share these photos today! about a year ago, elizabeth from delightfully tacky set of on a roadtrip from alaska down and across america, ending in tacoma, wa. she spent her time travelling in a classic 1973 winnebago brave. awesome, right!? well, now that she is parked for now, she has done up the inside and it is adorable. seeing these photos makes me want to live in the forest in a cozy little space like this.

pretty awesome, huh? check out her blog to read more about her adventures across the country! 

do you think you could downsize enough to live in a winnie like elizabeth's? 


  1. that is so sweet and cosy. i don't think my little family would love it though. my husband and son would run for the hills. my little girl and i would be most comfortable. i know she would love it! nice to meet you.

  2. how cool it must be t live in such a cosy place and be able to travel wherever and whenever you want!!

  3. WOW! that is amazing. So sweet. I would love to try living like that!!

  4. i would totally live there--so pretty!