19 September 2011

under the weather

i had a lovely/not so lovely weekend. saturday was a lot of fun. michael and i perused the block party and heard some interesting musical selections. i couldn't believe how cool the weather was! i discovered that there is a bakery on my block (who knew!) and will be stopping in tomorrow to check it out. in my defense, i'm pretty sure it just opened. we got to sample some meatballs from the italian restaurant that is opening up downstairs. this is the third restaurant this year and i hope this one sticks because, while i rarely crave an expensive french-mediterranean meal, italian food is something i am always willing to eat! it was hard not to buy a million things with all the little vintage stands on the block, but i did find this lovely little tray.
saturday evening we made a trip to whitman's. i cannot tell you how happy michael was to have a juicy lucy after his two months in africa. and, of course, we had to get the blue cheese fries and fried pickles. so tasty! 
(look at that boy's grin!)
here comes the not-so-lovely part of the weekend: saturday night i got a terrible stomach bug. i rarely, rarely get sick which makes it even more miserable when i do. to make matters worse, i had a wonderful day planned for me and michael that didn't end up happening. luckily, michael managed to make it wonderful day despite my illness. if there was any doubt in my mind about what a great guy he is, it should all be gone after this weekend. at 3:30 am, as i was laying on the bathroom floor, he threw on his sneakers and ran to the deli to get sick day supplies (soup, crackers, sprite, and a lemon) when i woke up on sunday, he ushered me into the living room where i spent many hours curled up in my quilt and piles of pillows, while michael brought me some food (in a smiley face, of course!) and finished the laundry i had started the day before. at one point, i asked if we had anymore sprite and, before i could stop him, he was headed back to the deli to pick some up. what a keeper! 
(the smiley face food and my not-so-smiley face)
thanks to my sweet doctor-in-training i am feeling much better, even though he is back in boston now. i am so looking forward to this week. i never thought i would be excited to wake up on a monday!
hope everyone else had a lovely weekend! 

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  1. bear, you are the cutest sick bug i've ever seen. :) i'm sorry/happy that your weekend was rough/awesome.