06 September 2011

snapshots: labor day weekend in cambridge

macaroons from france that michael brought back for me. they were so tasty! 
  +slightly salted caramel
  +strawberry mint
  +single source chocolate
gifts from africa.
the view from michael's new room. it is almost worth the five flights of stairs it takes to get up there! 
we had several lovely walks over to the hotel where michael's parents were staying. i would move to cambridge just to walk by the charles every day. i usually make michael take the long way to get places so we can walk by the water. the foot bridges are so  romantic!
look at that cutie and his silly face(:
one night, we went to a korean bbq, koreana, for dinner. it was amazing! they bring out so much food and cook the meat and veggies in the middle of the table. there's nothing more exciting than that!
once the meat is cooked, you can combine the other little dishes on the table to make lettuce wraps. they certainly give p.f. chang a run for their money!

like i said yesterday, i didn't take many pictures. i had a wonderful time just enjoying being with my honey and resting before getting back to crazy school life. i know it will be many months before we both have a homework free weekend again! 

i started my internship today and, while i love to little one to pieces, it is nice to have a work-free week so i can get a handle on these 55hr weeks i'll have this semester. yay fall!

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  1. very nice photos!! in paris, we love the laduree macarons but the best macarons are PIERRE HERME's ;)