31 October 2011

dear monday: oct 31, 2011

dear monday, here so soon? thanks for the nap this afternoon. that was pretty awesome.

dear snow, you were absolutely magical this weekend, but i am glad you didn’t stick around. i am sure there is much more where you came from….

dear little one, you are the cutest lil’ firetruck around.

dear paranormal activity 3, please don’t be too scary. lydia and i can only take so much scary in one night!

dear boyfriend, thanks for a wonderful weekend. hurry up and come visit again soon! i promise to have piles of cous cous and stewed tomatoes waiting for you.

weekend wrap-up:
i’m not sure if y’all heard, but we had a snow storm up here in nyc. when i saw the forecast i assumed that we would get a few minutes of tiny flakes at the most. boy was i wrong. it was a full on blizzard! it was quite ironic, considering what i had posted the day before. my sweet boyfriend was in from boston and we had an amazing homework free day. I know, crazy, right!? it was pretty awesome. it made me seriously think about taking a year off before grad school (no homework for a whole year?!) tonight, i am going to see paranormal activity with my friend, lydia. we already have plans for her to stay over because I don’t think either of us will make it through the night without a friend!

hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


  1. We saw Paranormal Activity 3 last weekend- it was fun! Pretty scary, but that's the good part :) Good to see your little Monday letters! Thanks for linking up!

  2. i'm sort of jealous of all that snow, but i'm sure we'll get some here in the midwest soon!

  3. my and my friends watched paranormal activity 2 last halloween! let me know if this last one is scary. i can handle scary movies as long as they don't have a bunch of blood and gore. glad you had a good weekend with the boy!

  4. I loved that little snowstorm! It was so cute. Glad I stumbled upon your blog!