02 November 2011

christmas time is here!

well, not quite, but i've started celebrating! i mean, we are less than two months away! woohoo! when you're a kid and you are in school, you always have a bunch of festive crafts and activities to get you into the holiday spirit. i've found that they don't do that as much when you are in college. and, since i usually don't make it home until the 23rd or so, it is totally up to me to make the season magical. my cousin, rachel, and i are planning weekly activities and crafts which i am so excited to share with all of you. we are on the lookout for festivals, performances (including anything with free hot chocolate) and, hopefully, a bread making class! 
here are a few things that make me excited for the holidays (this is only the beginning!):
Landing Color
the nutcracker: since this is probably my last winter in new york (for now), seeing the nutcracker is at the top of my holiday to do list. 

diy ornaments: so sparkly and so simple.
decorations for small spaces: not sure if this will make it up this year, but it certainly would be lovely...
this lovely design made from vintage buttons reminds me of the the stocking my mom made for me (except hers was much more elaborate.) i love getting presents, but my favorite part is always waking up to my stocking. by the way, is this my last year that santa visits? does he still visit kids when they graduate for college? or does he stop coming when they have kids of their own? ah! we'll hope for the second one. 

what are you excited for this holiday season?


  1. what beautiful christmas ideas and to see the Nutcracker in New York - how lucky you are! I have friends who have spent Christmas your way and have said how amazing it is. To have a white christmas is definitely on my list of things to do. I really love the button artwork. xo.

  2. of course we are excited about christmas to come. I had a bit forgotten about this festive joy but I re discover it with my four year old daughter. how agreeable ! :)

  3. eeeeeek! love this time of year. so excited. those DIY ornaments are so cute. such a great idea!

  4. wow love the last craft! def going to try it out :)


  5. I've been feeling christmas in the air all week too. Such a nice way to perk up this dreary time of year. Great ideas!

  6. What a beautiful post! I'm so looking forward to Christmas! this just makes the anticipation greater. Your whole blog is gorgeous! I found you on The Lovely Hunter's blog! So glad I did!


  7. i LOVE the vintage button tree. i need to try making something like this.