13 November 2011

fill in the blank ... sunday

things just keep getting busier and busier around here! michael came to new york and surprised me on thursday. we had a wonderful time putting off homework and enjoying each other's company. on saturday we headed to boston. it was so awesome to have a bus buddy! it made the ride seem so much shorter. i guess the mild weather has kept the colors around longer because cambridge was beautiful! so many fall leaves on the ground! this week is already as crazy as the last few have been. only a week and a half til thanksgiving though! woohoo! i am greatly in need of a vacation.

1. my favorite new blog of the moment is roost.

2. something i am thankful for is my internship! i have heard so many horror stories about the life of an intern and i am so blessed to be in an office full of warm and gracious people.

3. something that made me laugh this week was the first wives club. i'm sure the other people on the bus hated me and michael because we were laughing out loud the whole time.

4. an item that is currently on my wish list is a knitting class at purl.

5. i am excited about the harvard yale game this coming weekend and thanksgiving in tennesse the next! i am so excited to get out of the city. that 24hr trip to boston just didn't cut it!

6. if i were a color i would be dark purple.

7. my favorite way to spend a chilly fall day is a breakfast date followed by some serious window shopping.

Let's have make it a great week!

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  1. How fun that your bf surprised you with a visit! I have yet to go to Boston. It's on the list. Where is your internship?