21 November 2011

the days gone by...

i can't believe that the semester is almost over! i registered for my last semester of college on friday and am happy to say that i will have fridays off and most importantly, no 8a.m. class. woohoo! that means every weekend is a three day weekend. crazy, right? it will be a wonderful change from this semester's schedule. here's a little of what i've been up to in my free time this week:
on wednesday, my cousin, rachel, and i had a pre-thanksgiving dinner with a couple friends. rachel found us some great treats at a british imports store in her neighborhood, including a fantastic shepherd's pie (which i failed to take a picture of). 
saturday was the harvard-yale game, the first (and probably last) college football game i'll attend during my college years. it was really fun! i'm not big on sports or school spirit (which is why nyu is perfect for me) but it was fun to get dressed up in the school colors and tailgate and all that. best of all, harvard won! 
i've also been squeezing as many brunch/coffee dates as possible. there is nothing worse than getting wrapped up in work and realizing it has been weeks since you have had a good chat with a friend. and how cute are those tiny waffles? michael and i went to this great little place called dorian gray. they have an awesome brunch deal and we didn't have to wait for a table (a huge plus!)

i am beyond excited about spending the weekend with my family in tennessee. if only i didn't have to wait until thursday morning to fly out! the holiday season is in full swing! 

hope everyone is having a fantastic week! when do y'alls thanksgiving breaks begin?

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