24 February 2012

nyc check list

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with a little less than three months left in new york, i am making a list of things that i would like to do before i leave. as i'm sure you can imagine, even the past four years has not been enough time to do everything. there are a few of the awesome things this area has to offer that i have not yet experienced.

1: a lighthouse in maine
2: the cherry blossom festival in d.c.
3: the bronx zoo
4: prospect park
5: the cloisters
6:the new england aquarium in boston
7: montreal
8: ellis island
9: brooklyn grange
10: guggenheim
11: spa castle

that's all i have for now, but i'm sure i'll think of a couple more. i'll link the corresponding posts as i check each item off my list. let the countdown begin!


  1. What a great list! You have to get to the guggenheim and ellis island for sure :]

  2. you should take a look at MY blog and my post on the Cloisters! I highly recommend going! :)

  3. Come to DC and we will go to the cherry blossom festival together!! :)

  4. This is such a great list for your last few months in NYC. Looks like your life is going to be one great adventure after another in the next little bit.